Insight Medical Supply is accredited by the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation (HQAA) for DME and medical supplies. Accreditation is a process of review that healthcare organizations participate in to demonstrate the ability to meet pre-determined criteria and standards of accreditation established by a professional accrediting agency. Accreditation represents agencies as credible and reputable organizations dedicated to ongoing and continuous compliance with the highest standard of quality. HQAA collaborates with industry experts to create standards to ensure that quality is maintained throughout all aspects of the organization.


Actively enrolled with Minnesota Health Care Programs - DHS

PECOS Enrolled Medicare Provider 

Certified Dr. Comfort Shoe Fitter

Insight Medical Supply has a diabetic shoe division that employs Certified Fitters of diabetic shoes. Our diabetic patients benefit from a variety of stylish diabetic shoes. You will be fitted for a shoe and we order the shoes and inserts for you. We follow medicare guidelines for allowed amounts per year.